Psychological Medicine and Psychiatry

Our team of specialists is dedicated to providing comprehensive, compassionate psychiatric care, therapy and case management services. Our clinic, which is staffed by culturally informed and diverse faculty, offers greater access to intermediate and long-term, solution-focused, evidence-based care for more complex conditions.

Drug Abuse Treatment and Rehabilitation

Drug misuse and addiction can impact the lives of many individuals in varying circumstances. Whether a coworker, friend, family member or you are struggling with addiction, finding drug misuse treatment options is a high priority for successful recovery. With all of the treatment options available, seeking out treatment for yourself or a loved one is possible for practically any person.


An EEG is a test that detects abnormalities in your brain waves, or in the electrical activity of your brain. During the procedure, electrodes consisting of small metal discs with thin wires are pasted onto your scalp. The electrodes detect tiny electrical charges that result from the activity of your brain cells. The charges are amplified and appear as a graph on a computer screen, or as a recording that may be printed out on paper, we then interprets the reading.


Headaches, tremors, numbness and memory lapses are all potential signs of a neurological problem that can hinder your daily activities. At Serenity Royale, we provide comprehensive consultation, evaluation and treatment for a variety of neurological disorders.


Physiotherapy is the hands-on, drug-free treatment of injuries, diseases, or physical issues using techniques like massage, heart and heat therapy, stretching, and exercises.

General Medical Practice

We are involved in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of a wide range of both acute and chronic diseases affecting different parts of the body. General medicine deals with different diseases from head to toe.