Serenity Royale Hospital

Our Values

Vision Statement

To be the best alternative to the existing players in the industry by providing the highest quality addiction and mental health treatment services.

Mission Statement

To transform lives by setting a higher standard for total and holistic recovery in an accessible Client Centered treatment, through our commitment To innovation, accountability, and non-judgmental care to facilitate positive and lasting change.

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Innovation
  • Excellence
  • Team work
  • Fear of God
  • Our


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    Company Help Intro

    S-E-R-E-N-I-T-Y stands for:

    S - Serene Environment

    E - Excellence

    R - Reliability

    E - Enthusiastic professionals

    N - Neutrality

    I - Integrity

    T - Tenacity

    Y - Yes to life